Our first son, Kevin Jee Wu, born on July 26, 2005. Pictures are from birth to present.

Those are up to August 26, 2005.

Those are up to Sep. 26, 2005

Up to October 24, 2005

Kevin's first Halloween.

Kevin's 100 day pictures.

Click here for a Swimming video(13MB) Taken 11/9/2005

Bouncer Video (20MB) Taken 12/8/2005

As of December 26, 2005


Play with Grandpa (1) (17MB) Taken 02/05/2006

Play with Grandpa (2) (17.5MB) Taken 02/05/2006

Play baloon (14.4MB) Taken 03/05/2006

Play ball (9.8MB) Taken 03/20/2006

Swing (8.8MB) Taken 03/26/2006


up to March 26, 2006



Bathing (18.1MB) Taken 03/27/2006

Learning crawling (1) (15MB) Taken 03/28/2006

Learning crawling (2) (27MB) Taken 04/02/2006


up to April 26, 2006



Riding Cow (25MB) Taken 05/03/2006

Learning Walking (17.4MB) Taken 05/12/2006

Crowling (8.8MB) Taken 05/14/2006


up to July, 17 2006


Kevin spent his 1st birithday on July 26, 2006. He was a little bit fussy when we celebrated for him, because he did not get enough nap that morning due to spend too much time in studio.

He was still too young to understand what birthday is. He did not know why we put a birthday hat on his head, and he did not know why we sang the birthday song to him.

While, he will understand these things next year!

1st Birthday(13MB) Taken 07/26/2006


We spent a weedend in San Jose at Mike's Cousin's place from August 4th to 5th, and then drove to Sacramento to visit Grandparents and one of Mike's friends.

Climbing stairs(17.9MB) Taken 08/04/2006

Playing with cat (1) (2.45MB) Taken 08/04/2006

Playing with cat (2) (3.2MB) Taken 08/04/2006


Kevin is growing bigger, and getting currious about his surroudings. He likes moving around, but desn't like walking by himself. We go to parks a lot. There we have lots of fun.

Kevin has two favorite things.One is throwing thing. Whatever he sees, he just picks it up and throws it onto floor. We are afraid of going to supermarket now, because Kevin will throw everything he can reached on shelf. And we have to follow him picking things up and putting them back. What a messy boy! The other thing he loves is climbing stairs and curbs. He just loves it so much. We don't know why.


Kevin fianlly began walking by himself when he was about 14 month plus 1 week. Thank God!!!

Walking(20.6MB) Taken 10/18/2006

Kevin's second Halloween is coming. We went to a local Pumping Patch on Oct. 17th with other moms and kids of Mom's Club. We had a great time. Kevin was a little bit shy at first. He just wanted to be held by mom and did not want to play. About half an hour later, he began walking around and looking for fun by himself. Once he started walking, he couldn't stop. No matter how many times mom shouted "Kevin, come back", he just turned his face away and walked away as far as possible.


In October 2006 we went to visit some friends in the Bay area. Kevin enjoyed seeing new people. He also enjoys playing with ducks in our local park. He seems happy to be a tiger on Halloween.


Christmas eve. Kevin enjoyed roaming freely on empty streets in downtown Sacramento. On Christmas Kevin acted so much like a tourist in the Old Town Sacramento. On New Year's day, as a part of our family tradition, we visited Karsten's family.


Kevin is so absorbed by some rock star.


Following are some of Kevin's fun moments: playing with the toilet bowl, sucking a candy, playing with elevator, enjoy the lobby of Holiday Inn, the hotel we stayed in near San Francisco airport to welcome Kevin's grandma from China.